July 31, 2016

Steve Eulberg: smile-inducing, toe-tapping, folkgrass

Steve is Leading a Workshop at the Grunewald Guild, Sept 8-11, 2016


Highlight from Steve's Benefit for FAN (Faith Action Network) in Seattle, Concert Window Show

Benefit Concert for Faith_Action_Network_Seattle_2016_Set_1(part1)

Habits from the Muse

At the request of several students, and in partnership with several musicians and music educators who desired to have resources to help support their musical and creative practice, I have created the following Resources that I want you to know about!We…

Liturgy Featured at Rocky Mountain Synod Assembly

When I served as the Director of Music for the Lutheran Campus Ministry at Colorado State University (1998-2014), I composed liturgical settings (music for worship) in several different styles.

Christ Is Our Peace, is one that I’ve described as the Blues-Jazz-Grunge-Islands Fiesta.

Several congregations across the USA have made regular use of this setting for their congregation’s use, and even more have made legal use of portions of the liturgy through their CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing, Inc.) license.

It was very nice to learn that the Rocky Mountain Synod (ELCA) (which encompasses the inter-mountain west—Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico and part of Texas) chose to use this setting for its annual gathering assembly.

It was even more gratifying when we learned that our daughter (now on her internship in her final year of seminary) had been invited to preach for the opening worship.

She expressed some (as expected) nervousness at this responsibility, but when I told her that they had chosen this liturgical setting for that evening’s worship she was both excited and comforted!

This was being composed at the end of the last century and was recording and published in 2002.  Now, 14 years later, it continues to find a way to help people worship.  That is gratifying for this composer.

Hearts of the Dulcimer Podcast

Steve has been featured in Episode #15 of Hearts of the Dulcimer Podcast. You can listen to the conversation from his interview with Wayne Jiang and Patricia Delich here!

Patreon Progress!

Sound the trumpets!  Lay a festive table!  Thanks to my Patrons, we have surpassed yet another Milestone Goal! I am scheduling a private Patrons-Only Concert Window show as a reward, but the work that they support provides benefits for e…

Introducing a New Instructor!

DulcimerCrossing is excited to welcome Aubrey Atwater (of Atwater-Donnelly) to the instructional team. Aubrey teaches mountain dulcimer, from the Jean Ritchie family tradition. Visit the Teacher Page and watch her introduction video. Or, visit the Live Events page and watch the highlight video of her recent Premium Concert Window Show. Subscribe here, to have access […]