November 1, 2014

smile-inducing, toe-tapping, thought-provoking folkgrass

July 4th at Avery House, Fort Collins, CO
Pics by Pabo

A “No Way!” Day

After I finished my final Music Together Class on Friday, I was talking with the grandparents of one of my students who said they were heading home.”Where is home?”  I asked.”Ohio.””No Way! I’m a Buckeye, too.””No Way!  What town?” she asks.”…


I can hardly describe
my delight in
cutting and culling
pulling leaves
slicing, dicing, mincing
my own, hand-grown herbs:
Oregano, Chives, Basil
the last re-grown every year
the first continuing as perennials
it bubbles up
and nearly tickles me
to giggling
adding to extra virgin olive oil
the garlic powder
cayenne pepper
hand-grinding both the
coarse and fine black pepper
stirring and stirring
in anticipation
setting the lidded container aside
waiting for the flavors to 
mingle and meld
weaving their tasty tapestry
for me to savor
hours from now
Delight of harvest
tides me over
as I get hints
of pre-tastes
of the feast
yet to come.
, 8/16/13  SBE©.

The Right Hand Fingerstyle Technique of David Massengill

by Steve Eulberg At the Gebhard Woods Festival I was given a tutorial by David Massengill about his right hand finger-style technique for playing mountain dulcimer.  Take a look! There are many different styles of playing our beloved instruments and being able to witness the variety always inspires my creativity! DavidMassengillRightHandTechnique from Linda Ratcliff on Vimeo.

Evart Hammered Dulcimer Jam in the Teacher’s Tent!

by Steve Eulberg The Evart Funfest which happens in the 3rd week of July in the heart of Osceola County, Michigan, gathers amazing musicians. Under the teacher’s tent, by John and Sharon Skaryd’s camper, there are day and night-long jams and fun conversations, both vocal and musical!  Here DeeDee Tibbits, Linda Foley (both from Michigan) and Chuck […]

David Massengill and Reverse Ionian Tuning

by Steve Eulberg On the road as part of my country-crossing-summer-tour, I got to visit with David Massengill at the Gebhard Woods Festival in Morris, Illinois in June. David has a long history with the mountain dulcimer and developed some playing styles that pre-date the 6-1/2 fret, DAd world that has been more common since the instrument […]