May 25, 2017

Soul’s Passage

My soul's passage
on a winding, twisting path
is a way with many bends
harboring surprises

These I both fear and welcome 
these intrusions in my rhythm
that open both my heart
and my ears to the possible new song 

A melody that is born
from a melancholy shadow
haunting and taunting this sun-drenched traveler

A memory that is borne
across hidden generations
as a salt sea journey carries stowaways

A mercy that gives form
to an untested hope
emerging from a chrysalis of discouragement

Breathe the air
draw it in deep
hold it while your lungs burn
and yearn to set it free

Release your hold
Give up your grip 

Let your ship sail
and ride the breeze

Lead the breeze
on briny, balmy seas

Leaving this passage

Loving this passage in its wake.

(c) 2005 Steve Eulberg