April 30, 2017

Advent Dulcimer Devotions return…

by Steve Eulberg

Imagine this:  A weekly email playing gentle music of instrumental ensembles featuring dulcimers, with a message of preparation that is serene, clear-sighted and hope-filled–an anti-dote to the crazed, blurry-eyed busyness of Christmas preparations (that began in some locations back in October.)

Advent is the 4-week season in the Christian tradition that marks the beginning of a new year in the life of the “called-out” people of God known as the church.  While we gather and prepare to celebrate the birth of a savior, we also gather and prepare for the return of the savior in the days when the light from the sun is shortest each day.  (In the northern hemisphere, that is.)

This is free and available to you and anyone with whom you share this

End-of-Year-Moving INSTRUMENT SALE!

It is the end of the year, and we are moving, so there are some Instruments from our collection that need to find new homes since they will not be moving over the mountains with us in our Conestoga wagons.

Click on a photo to link to its page with more information.


Story & Clark Spinet Piano SOLD!





Indian Santoor

Indian Santoor





Vincent Bach Mercedes II Trombone

Vincent Bach Mercedes II Trombone SOLD!

Getzen Capri Short Model Cornet

Getzen Capri Short Model Cornet SOLD


FolkCraft Solid Walnut Mountain Dulcimer
(dog not included) SOLD


Banjo with resonator, chipboard case, strap and mute. SOLD


Carrot Creek Student Dulcimer by Steve Miklos SOLD

Dulcimers at Streetmosphere 2011

This is my 2nd year to play in Beet Street's Streetmosphere Program that puts artists in the midst of the crowds throughout Old Town Fort Collins.  And wow, it has grown!

Link to Fort Collins Life-Times
Dulci-Bro, photo by Tim Van Schmidt
Beth Flowers, Beet Street's director, said the numbers match my experience:  "Our interns are doing counts of people and interactions.  Well over 100,000 people have stopped and interacted with Streetmosphere artists this summer!"

Local artist, Tim Van Schmidt, stopped by last night and snapped this photo, including it in his Fort Collins Life-Times, "more news-less paper" site.  Click my picture and it check-out.

Streetmosphere 2010, photo by Kaitlin Winter-Eulberg
Sandwich Board at each location
Tim is a gifted poet and award-winning visual artist who is drawn to music and landscapes and has posted what has caught his eye in Fort Collins.  He also writes insightful and thoughtful reviews about his experiences in musical venues.

I have one more slot this weekend--1-4 pm Sunday afternoon beside Ingredient (SW corner of Mountain and College Avenue.)  If you're in the neighborhood, come on by.  If not, take a look at the links above and the photos here and you'll get some of the flavor.

2010 Mugs' corner
2010 Austin's Corner, photo by John Drege
Galax Mountain Dulcimer, Cache Bank corner 2010 photo by Kaitlin Winter-Eulberg

DPN Archive now available online!

Dulcimer Players News (a quarterly journal for dulcimer enthusiasts) is now available in a searchable on-line archive! I was the "coverboy" in the Summer issue of 2002, which also featured an observant and thoughtful interview, written by Fort Collins writer & poet Tim van Schmidt. In addition, an arrangement of the early American shape-note tune, Wondrous Love in DAG tuning was included, together with a short descriptive article by Gil Waldkoenig. Even now, almost a decade later, I remember how excited I was when then-editor, Maddie MacNeil, called to ask me to be a featured interview for this issue.  When one is involved with a labor of love, out of the limelight, in what may be thought of as a backwater (or certainly not in the middle of river of dulcimers!) one's existence might be more easily compared to a monk's hermitage. To be noticed, introduced and recognized for this love is quite gratifying.  As I travel and teach and meet many talented musicians who play dulcimers and guitar (both the aspiring and the retiring folks!) I am excited to have the opportunity to support them by providing the notice that this article gave me. And now it is searchable so that ANYONE can do the same for all the people named in the interviews, articles, letters-to-the-editor, and more going back to the magazine's beginning in 1975. Thanks to Dan and Angie Landrum, Stephen Seifert and the many other hands who have labored long and hard to make this available for all of us! And don't forget to subscribe to the magazine to keep yourself up-to-date, and keep the tradition going!