May 25, 2017

Sunday in the Park

Sunday in the park
with Zach
Washington Park:
A hula hoop group
skillfully spinning
and stretching
one square, many round
teaching a child;
Beneath the twin spires
of Sts Peter and Paul church

A large happy group
clothed in white
standing around a table
with open bottles of celebration

The Asian woman
who says only
"Thank-you" as she
reaches for your
empty (or full) pop can

The Mime troupe
packing up its stage
and sound gear

The open-ring-frisbee tossers
whose trajectory overlaps
the football throwers

The Broadway Muni,
The Duck and open-top
tourists busses all
traversing the same path

The couples scattered here and there
He--head lying on her legs
She--focused on her phone

The black bikini-clad sausage woman

The dog who quietly finds
something to roll in

This couple who lay, side-by-side
heads turner toward each other
beneath the shade of his hat
balanced on both their cheeks

The aspen shade that approaches us
As the sun saunters its path
behind the puffy marine clouds
that scurry by

The white reflections off of
certain grass blades that, trodden down,
lie flat
between and beside
the deep green of those that resiliently arise

That couple, trying two different
trees as the hangers for their
cupcake piñata

Connie raises her turquoise hood
to protect her fair head from
lengthy solar exposure
I revel that we can sit so long
without worry for burning
Zach, simply glad to have the sun's presence

We mention
the musical
and the painting
and converse
and bask

Sunday in the Park
with Zach

(c)2013 Steve Eulberg