April 30, 2017

Habits from the Muse

At the request of several students, and in partnership with several musicians and music educators who desired to have resources to help support their musical and creative practice, I have created the following Resources that I want you to know about!

We are also interested in YOUR ideas about what habits you can share that support your creativity, too.

Habits from the Muse is a free weekly email resource to support creativity in daily life.

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Habits for Your Healthy Music Habitat is a weekly video to support musicianship.

This is a free benefit for all of my Patrons and Students and Premium members of DulcimerCrossing.

If you are a teacher and have a Habit to share, please contact Steve.

Patreon Progress!

Sound the trumpets!  Lay a festive table!  Thanks to my Patrons, we have surpassed yet another Milestone Goal

I am scheduling a private Patrons-Only Concert Window show as a reward, but the work that they support provides benefits for everyone else, too!

You can be part of this special-access to the creative process as well.  The idea behind Patreon is to update the time-honored model of patronage for artists by helping lots of people provide smaller, affordable support to add up to the freedom for musicians and other artists to creative, document and perform their art.  For as little $1 a month ($5 is the first level to receive special rewards) you can become my patron and have a back-stage pass.

I published demos of my new songs from the Grunewald Guild on my patreon site first!
The Center Calls


Barefoot Ballet  (see the video below)

But in addition, I've also been able to create digital downloads for my legacy products, Happy Are They:  Psalms to Sing and Sway By (Book/CD)
Mr. Steve's Folk Music for Little Folks (EP)
that are available to everyone!

Patreon Campaign Progress

Since beginning this project in January to help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Owl Mountain Music, Inc. I am now (drumroll please!) 

76% of the way to reaching my goal of 30 patrons in my first year!

This has resulted in our reaching 3 Milestone Goals and being only $8 a month away from reaching the 4th Milestone Goal.  
(Each goal results in additional special rewards for Patrons).

Now here is the real deal, or why I started this project:

9 Projects Completed:

1. Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude arr. for Mountain Dulcimer

4. Another Jig Will Do digitized

5. Dulcimer-Friendly Worship Vol II digitized book and CD

6. Soaring SongBook created, digitized

9. First Snow for Mixed Dulcimer Quartet Video

New Work Created/Begun:

Traded My Thyroid In (Guitar Tablature)

2 New (unnamed) hammered dulcimer compositions

Progress on 3 new Dulcimer Orchestra Arrangements

The strongest impact for me, however, has been to have this community of support (whose presence challenges me to keep focused!)

Working with a Team

Aunt Mabel, who lived next door to us as I grew up, used to say, "Many hands make light the work."

Shellie Baxter Photography
Perhaps because I am primarily a solo touring and performing artist, I have been kerwacked in the best possible way with the awesome joy and power of working together with other partners in a creative venture.

My trio, S*E*A (folkgrass) just completed our 4th tour of the year with a 14-day tour of the middle of the California Coast.  Erin Mae Lewis and Amber Rogers arrived on the 30th Anniversary of my Ordination and we played a Bell Tower Show at St. Philip Episcopal Church in Scotts Valley (near Santa Cruz) to launch the tour.

Amber Rogers Selfie
We had stops in Palo Alto, San Mateo, the beach in Half Moon Bay, Erin and Amber joined Wayne Jiang and Patricia Delich for some Pacifica and San Francisco adventures; we headed as far north as Roseville and returned to San Mateo for an amazing Seasons of Blessing Concert to raise funds for the survivors of the Lake County California fires and give the best-ever Concert Window show.

Then we packed up to enjoy the FarWest Folk Alliance in Oakland for the weekend.  We drew the first slot for the Open Mic at the Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse on Wednesday night.

There we jammed at every possible opportunity, gave Local 1000 AFM in the Networking Center.
Jeanette Lundgren (Mother Hen Promotions)
showcases and represented another part of our team,

I took part in a Panel Workshop on Crowdfunding to talk about another part of my team:  Patreon.

We then gave a workshop called:  Organizing:  The Nuts and Bolts of Touring.

But the best was when we arrived back in my home on Sunday night and Erin exclaimed:  "Let's have a FarWest FollowUp Party tomorrow!"

That sounds a whole lot better than w*o*r*k to me, and you know what, it WAS!

FarWest Photo

And it made me recall how many people's support and commitment helps me to continue making my way in this world as a musician and creative artist.

So Aunt Mabel's words have proven true in my experience, and I just want to say,

Thank-You to ALL OF YOU!

An early demo of Set Your Back to the Setting Sun

This is the bluegrass-style demo for this tune which was first published as a choral tune for the suite of songs I was commissioned to compose and arrange for the Rainbow Chorus in Fort Collins, CO. 

It was part of the Beginnings world premiere concert in spring 2000, which was recorded that same year and performed in San Jose at the GALA International Choralfest. 

This demo was in consideration for my recording produced by Ken Whiteley of Pyramid Records, Toronto, Ontario. At his suggestion, we changed the chord shapes and a swinging blues version resulted. 
That is the one that made it to the track list of my 2007 release: a piece of it all which continues to receive radio airplay and charting, 8 years later!
Now it is offered as an example of what will be offered to my patrons on Patreon when I reach the first milestone goal of $50 in pledges a month...only $14 away. What to join me and help put us over the top? www.patreon.com/steveeulberg

Support Your Local Artist-Happy 25th Anniversary!

The title of this post is a parody of  the title of a series of westerns that featured James Garner (Support Your Local Sheriff) and (Support Your Local Gunfighter). I remember these movies because my mother was a fan of James Garner and proudly announced that fact whenever these (or others) of his movies and TV shows would appear on the TV set. As I recall the general theme of the movies is that Garner is put in impossible situations where confusion about who he is and what he is there for is the stage, behind which Garner's character is using wits to win the day, rather than force or brawn. Maybe that is what Mom liked about Garner. Well, that and he was easy on her eyes. Artists of all stripes use all of our wits to be successful in what sometimes seem like impossible situations today.  And just when we figure something out, it changes. (Most likely his is really no different than any other time in history, although I've only known this particular time, so I can't really tell for sure, but things DO seem to change pretty quickly these days.)

Happy Anniversary to Owl Mountain Music!

2015 marks the 25th year that I've been working at James Garner's way of using all my wits in the field of music to thrive. It was in my upstairs home office on Kensington Street in Kansas City that I began to formalize the work that I had already been doing most of my life in creating, performing, recording and publishing music. Today, three addresses and two states and 25 years later, I am still working in this vineyard and you know, I wouldn't trade it for the world! So, to honor this occasion, I've launched a new Venture: You can check out the details of the campaign here:  http://www.patreon.com/steveeulberg
Support Your Local Artist
The purpose of this campaign is to help keep me focused on creating new music, archiving and documenting it so it can be shared. To do this I've chosen Patreon, a crowd-sourcing platform that aims to support artists to fund their on-going work. I first learned about this from my friend, Bing Futch, whose campaign began last Summer and which is helping him to record and finish his first all-blues recording!  (Click on his name to check out and support his campaign.) But what IS Patreon?   Begun in San Francisco in 2013, here are two videos that explain how it works and how it came to be. Here's a video that Patreon uses to describe the model using funding per project: Because the support I need for my ongoing work is less-project driven, but which will result in more projects and products, I have chosen the monthly subscription model.   (It would be more than way cool if you could support the project, and invite your friends to do so as well, but if you can't, that's just fine.  I'll still keeping creating and be sharing joyfully!) In this video, Jack Conte, Patreon Founder, describes how the whole idea and model came into existence: 13:30 is where Jack describes his realization as a songwriter, performer and video artist of what the other half of his job is. It seems to me that this model is very similar to how I recall James Garner's characters foiled his adversaries, saved the town and got the girl in those movies. So, that's how I got the title of this post:  Support Your Local Artist!