May 25, 2017


Steve’s Solo Recordings

Mr. Steve’s Folk Music for Little Folks (2011) EP

a piece of of it all (2007) CD

I Celebrate Life! (2005) CD

The Road Goes Ever On & On (2002)  private release CD

‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime (2003) CD

Happy Are They:  Psalms to Sing and Sway By (2002) CD

Soaring (2001) CD

Though the Mountains Shake!  (2002) Cassette Single

Alternative content

Dulcimer-Friendly Evening Prayer (2000) CD & Cassette

Graced on the Mountain (1999)  Cassette Single

Hark, the Glad Sound! (1999) CD & Cassette

Cantad para Agua de Vida (Songs for Agua de Vida) #1 & #2 (1999) Cassettes

Holy Mountain (1998) CD & Cassette

Labor Songs (1995) Cassette

Music for Worship, Vol 1 (1993) Cassette

One Voice in a Noisy World (1992) Cassette

One More Child:  songs of hope for a despairing world–with Connie Winter-Eulberg (1991) Cassette

Songs Aren’t Fragile!–with Connie Winter-Eulberg (1992) Cassette

Strings & Things That Sing! (1985) Cassette

Melodies of a Journeying Soul (1983) Cassette


Steve’s Ensemble Recordings

Old School Old-TimeFiddle Whamdiddle (2012) CD

Bottle Up and GoJimJim & the FatBoys (2001) CD

Random Acts of FiddlingRandom Acts with Carole & Teresa Lundgren (1999) CD



Steve Eulberg in Concert:  Celebrating 30 Dulcimer-Filled Years (2011) DVD



Until the Entire World Hears (2012)

Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer Play Christmas

Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer Vol II.

Great Players of the Mountain Dulcimer.



Original contributions to Soundtrack:  Mission Appalachia:  The Story of Red Bird. (2010)

Original Soundtrack:  Serenade to the Canada Goose–Positive Communication (2005)

“Living One” Original soundtrack for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Lawrence, KS) 30-second television spot. (2001)

Commissioned by Paul Taylor, Symphony Concerto featuring Hammered Dulcimer & Didjeridoo (2001)

Original Theme Song and soundtrack for Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp Build Up!  Send Forth Capital Campaign Video (2000-2001) CD

Rainbow Chorus “Beginnings”  create and arrange choral music for the millenium concert and the international GALA Choralfest (2000)

Create and compile the St. Thomas Blessing & Praise Liturgy for Lutheran Campus Ministry at Colorado State University (1998)

Commissioned to create several Youth Camp Program Theme Songs (Mid-Missouri Bible Camp, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri; Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Center, Oregon, Illinois; Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp, Ft. Collins, Colorado; Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp, Hillside, Colorado; Fountain of Hope Lutheran Fellowship Summer Youth Program, Kansas City, Missouri)

(2) Composition Commissions for settings of texts (When We Do A Kindly Thing) by Herbert Brokering for Metropolitan Lutheran Ministry, Kansas City, Missouri (1996)


Old School, Old-Time (2012) CD by Fiddle Whamdiddle, co-produced with Vi Wickam

We Have This Treasure (2006) CD

Cooee! Songs and Stories from Down Under–Paul Taylor & Don Spencer (2002) CD

Light Into the World–Kent Gustavson Bluegrass (2004) CD & CD-ROM

Christ is Our Peace (2002) CD

reflections–Kruse Elementary 6th Grade Songwriting & Recording Project  (Heather Wegter Stenner) (2002)

liquid mirror–Kruse Elementary 6th Grade Songwriting & Recording Project  (Heather Wegter Stenner) (2001)

Bottle Up and Go–JimJim & the FatBoys (2001) CD

Beginnings (with the Rainbow Chorus) (2000) CD

Bienvenidos/All Are Welcome (Marty Haugen, trans. Abe & Pam González) for Rocky Mountain Synod Assembly; Lutheran Campus Ministry Musicians (2000)

Random Acts of Fiddling–Carole & Teresa Lundgren (1999) CD

St. Thomas Blessing & Praise (1999)


Session Musician

Hammered Dulcimer, Dulcibro–Kerry Patrick Clark In A Perfect World CD

Upright Bass–Bill Center  CD

Upright Bass–Russ Hopkins–Sweet Mystery ( )  CD

Mandolin–Heather (Wegter) Stenner SINGLE

Hammered Dulcimer–reason to fly–Keith Baker-Matter of Trust (2004) CD

Vocals, Bass & Percussion–Cooee! Songs and Stories from Down Under–Paul Taylor & Don Spenser (2002) CD

Hammered Dulcimer, Mountain Dulcimer, Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals–Kruse Elementary 6th Grade Songwriting & Recording Project  (Heather Wegter Stenner) (2001)

Trumpet, Guitar & Vocals–Song of the Harvesters– for The House of Bernarda Alda, Open Stage Theater Soundtrack (2001) (Trumpet, Classical Guitar, Vocal)

Guitar, Vocals–Bienvendios/All Are Welcome (Marty Haugen, trans. Abe & Pam González) for Rocky Mountain Synod Assembly (2000)

Mandolin–Jack Gabriel–Living Tree CD (1998)