May 25, 2017

Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra

Welcome to the Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra Page.


It’s fun to play music with other people! For this reason Steve has been creating and collecting arrangements of various kinds of music for dulcimer players to perform together.



For 2016, the Orchestra will be under the direction of  long-time orchestra members, Judy Jones and Kendra Bartley.

Please contact them for information about participating.  They are gathering music and planning rehearsals to begin in November 2015.  Sign up below:



In 2015 we played:

AR HYD Y NOS (All Through the Night) a 4-part Welsh Hymntune

Simple Gifts (Shaker Tune)  a 2-Hammered and 2-Mountain  part arrangement

Debut Performance of an original tune by Steve Eulberg:  First Snow 2-Hammered and 2-Mountain part arrangement)

Vivaldi’s SPRING, from the “Four Seasons”  Mixed Dulcimer Quartet



For the 4th year in a row, the The Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra performed at the 10th Annual Colorado Dulcimer Festival in Fort Collins, Colorado, on Friday, Feb 1st, 2013 following Bonnie Carol’s Hammered Dulcimer Ensemble. We played a program that included:


Simple Gifts

Never on Sunday


During The Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra’s performance at the 9th Annual Colorado Dulcimer Festival in Fort Collins, Colorado, following the Mountain Dulcimer Contest on Friday, we played a program that  included:

Bach’s Minuet in G

Beethoven’s Sonatina in G (1st Movement)

Jasmine Flower (Chinese Folk Tune: Mo-Hi Hua)

Mouret’s Rondeau (Theme for “Masterpiece Theater”)

The orchestra prepared by participating in several group rehearsals and section rehearsals in the Fall and Winter, many utilizing a rehearsal CD as a learning tool.  These arrangements are available in the Dulcimer Orchestra Library.