May 25, 2017

Dulcimer Orchestra Library Project


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What Is It?

DulcimerOrchestraButtonThe Dulcimer Orchestra Library gathers, commissions and provides accessible arrangements of classical tunes from around the world for dulcimer ensembles.

The Goal of the Project:

To provide resources for dulcimer players who wish to improve their performing skills and experience the joy of shared creative musical experiences in ensembles large and small.

Where can I find the music?

Click here to see the titles available and the ones coming.

A 2014 Performance of the Finale of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony by the Northeast Dulcimer Orchestra:

The Team:

Janet Swartz, Zach Eulberg, Ilace Mears, Larry Conger, Jean Ann Moon, Janita Baker, Sarah Musgrave and Sarah Morgan have all agreed to be on the collaborating team for this project. More members are welcome.  If you are interested, please contact Steve Eulberg.


The Dulcimer Orchestra Library project is gaining momentum!


1.  The Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra performed 1 brand new arrangements at the 11th Annual Colorado Dulcimer Festival in February 2014.  Video of those performances is in the process of production.

2.  Steve worked for 6 months with the Arts Incubator of the Rockies developing this project with AirEvolve sponsored by BeetStreet in Fort Collins.

3.  The Finale of the Beethoven’s 5th Symphony has been Mechanically Licensed, recorded and included on Sarah Morgan’s 2012 Run to the Window CD with the TNT Quartet in Eastern Tennessee.

4.  In the past Steve has led Dulcimer Orchestra workshops at:

Lagniappe Dulcimer Festival, Louisiana (workshop)

Heritage Dulcimer Festival, Missouri (week-long)

Western Carolina University Mountain Dulcimer Week, North Carolina (Guest Conductor)

Kentucky Music Week,  (week-long workshops)

Colorado Dulcimer Festival (workshop)

New Mexico Dulcimer Festival (workshop)

Smoky Mountain Dulcimer Retreat (Knoxville) Consultation

Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival (—>Northeast Dulcimer Orchestra)

Dulcimer in the Wallowas (week-long)

Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering (Finale workshop)

Redwood Dulcimer Day (workshop)

5.  A New Dulcimer Orchestra has been organized and had their first performance at the DAA Festival in Latham, NY Northeast Dulcimer Orchestra (See performance above)


What is Included?

All of the Arrangements include a Score and Individual Parts in standard musical notation (which can be read by hammered dulcimer and other instrumental players) and tablature for mountain dulcimer players.  The parts range in difficulty from Beginning to Intermediate to Advanced.  Also included are several arrangements that make use of Ginger/Dulcimette, Standard, Baritone and Bass mountain dulcimers in the same ensembles.

Recordings (mp3) of each part played louder, each part absent and the entire ensemble aid the learning process.  

Permission to reprint the number of copies you need for your ensemble.


Titles Include:

O Sacred Head, Now Wounded (HERZLICH TUT VERLANGEN)

Simple Gifts, arr. Eulberg

Never on Sunday

Bach’s Minuet in G

Beethoven’s Sonatina in G (1st Movement)

Jasmine Flower (Chinese Folk Tune: Mo-Hi Hua)

Mouret’s Rondeau (Theme for “Masterpiece Theater”)

Three Hymns for Mountain Dulcimer. (Quartet) by Steve Eulberg (hard copies…listen to samples on the link)

Beethoven on a Stick: The Finale of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (Quartet) by Steve Eulberg (pdf copies and sound files on a a CD-ROM)

Golden Slippers, MON! (Quartet) by Ken Bloom (hard copies)

Simple Gifts (Quartet) by Ken Bloom (hard copies)

Selections from Southern Harmony (Trios) by Steve Eulberg (book/cd with sound files)

Vivaldi’s “Spring” (Quartet) by Steve Eulberg (pdf files and sound files on a CD-ROM)

Deck the Halls (Trios and a Quartet) Christmas Carols by Steve Eulberg (book/cd with sound files)


Vivaldi’s “Winter” (Trio) by Bonnie Carol & Judy Jones & Steve Eulberg (pdf files and sound files on a USB jump or thumb drive)

(See above ) Pachelbel’s Canon in D: Ground and 27 Variations (Quartet) by Bonnie Carol & Steve Eulberg (pdf files and sound files on a CD or USB jump or thumb drive)

All titles are available in the Owl Mountain Music Store. (Search in the search bar at the top right)


I Want to Help!  How can I do that?

That is terrific!  There are several ways you can be a part of this project:

1. Sign up for the mailing list to be kept in the loop!

2.  Purchase one of the arrangements (click the links above or choose the Dulcimer Orchestra category on the right) and play it with your friends!

3.  Form an ensemble in your neighborhood and play the music together.

4.  Invite Steve to come and lead a Dulcimer Orchestra Workshop or a Workshop on Arranging for Ensembles for you and your friends, or at your favorite festival.

5.  Commission an ensemble arrangement of a favorite piece of music you like.  Dedicate it in honor of or in memory of your favorite dulcimer player!

6.  Make a donation to support the creation and dissemination of these arrangements.

7.  Join the Dulcimer Orchestra Library Project Team.  (Send Steve an email)

8.  Publicize this project and webpage at your club, with your friends on Facebook, on Twitter, on Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer.

9.  Submit your arrangement for possible inclusion in the Dulcimer Orchestra Library.  (We have received some very nice submissions which are currently under development)

10.  Join Steve’s Patreon Campaign as a Dulcimer Orchestra Librarian, support the creation of new works and receive a copy of each title published for use with your ensemble.

11.  (another way we haven’t thought of yet!)