May 25, 2017

Lent Musical Devotions

Lent Musical Devotions…

by Steve Eulberg

Imagine this:  A twice-weekly email playing gentle music of instrumental ensembles featuring dulcimers, gentle vocals and guitars and videos with instrumental music, together with a message of preparation that is serene, clear-sighted and hope-filled–an anti-dote to the dazed Spring atmosphere that is the backdrop for LENT.

LENT is the 40-day season in the Christian tradition that precedes the celebration of Easter.  Traditionally in the church year this is a season of preparation for baptism, or a season of fasting and giving something up, or, for taking up a new discipline, a season of reflection, repentance and renewal of faith.

This is free and available to you and anyone with whom you share this.

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  1. Sharon Sears says:

    Hi Steve,

    I wanted to order your CD for Lent. Can’t figure out how to order it and pay for shipping on your website.
    Thanks for making this CD and for offering it to us.

    • HI Sharon,

      (as I wrote in my personal message to you:) While making a CD for Lent is a terrific idea, it is one that is not yet complete. This music is offered over the 40 days in emails and is drawn from several different recordings.

      You are not the only one to make this request, so who knows???


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