November 26, 2015


Learning to Play and Sing Music

I believe Creativity is an important part of what makes us human and treasure opportunities to nurture that creativity in people of all ages.

I am available to teach weekend and week-long workshops, Private Lessons in my studio in Fort Collins, and one-to-one distance-learning lessons using Skype (by appointment only), Guitar Lessons on-line through Dulcimer Lessons on-line through I also provide music education for Early Childhood Centers and I write educational lessons for Dulcimer Players News. (Supplemental material for those lessons can be found here.)

Instruments: I teach all levels on: Mountain & Hammered Dulcimers, Guitar (flat-pick, finger-pick, old-timey, bluegrass, folk, celtic, blues), Mandolin; Beginning Level: Bowed Psaltery, Bodhran (Irish Frame Drum), Hand Percussion (Djembe/Ashiko), Singing with Instruments for all levels; Song-writing.

Frequency: Some students schedule weekly, others every other week, some monthly, depending upon their needs and goals.

Music theory is woven into the lessons, along with focused listening to develop jamming skills and tune acquisition by ear.


Private Lesson Fees : $40.00 for 45 minute lessons, $30.00 for 30 minute lessons.

Cancellation Policy: A 24-hour notice is required in order to cancel a scheduled lesson without paying the lesson fee.

Frequency: to be determined in consultation with student. My goal is to help you “sing your soul” through the instrument of your choice. All lessons have a focus on playing from the heart and are tailored to the goals and skill level of the student

Recitals/Performance: I urge students to prepare and play for others (their family and friends, church, social events at work) in addition, periodic recitals are scheduled to help develop confidence in sharing their gifts.

Locations: My home studio: 820 W. Hillsdale BLVD, San Mateo, CA 94403. 

Summer 2014 Availability: Flexible (when I’m not on tour), contact me for details.

I’m also available for private lessons when I’m on the road in your area. Contact me to see if we can work out a mutually agree-able time!


Private Lesson Fees : $40.00 for 45 minute lessons, $30.00 for 30 minute lessons,skypelogo

payable with PayPal (send payment to:

Number of Lessons

Summer 2014 Availability: By Appointment only.


1. Download and install Skype (a free program that lets you talk over the internet for free.)

2. Purchase and install a webcam so that I can see and hear what you are playing and you and see and hear my demonstration.

3. Contact me with your skype name, your plan for what you are seeking to learn and a time when you are available to schedule a lesson. Summer 2014 by appointment only.

4.  Cancellation Policy: A 24-hour notice is required in order to cancel a scheduled lesson without paying the lesson fee.



DC-ComF_thumb Bridging the Gap between what you know and where you want your music to go.

We teach online mountain and hammered dulcimer lessons
to people at their own pace and in the comfort of their own homes.

In an online dulcimer lesson, you will be taught exactly
the same skills that you would learn in a one-on-one
personal lesson, a group lesson, or a workshop.

Steve is co-owner of the site and teaches mountain and hammered dulcimers.

Linda Ratcliff, teaches hammered dulcimer.

Erin Rogers, National Champion, teaches mountain dulcimer.

Bill Robinson, Award-winning 3rd generation player, teaches hammered dulcimer.

Linda Thomas, Award-winning player, Mel Bay recording and publishing artist teaches mountain dulcimer.

Don Pedi teaches Old-Time mountain dulcimer

Nina Zanetti, National Champion, teaches fingerstyle mountain dulcimer.

Butch Ross, master looper, teachers mountain dulcimer.

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(for Live Q&A Sessions)

Learn Guitar at home, on-line, at your own pace!

This new website,, provides quality guitar lessons from Absolute Beginning through Phase 3.

There are over 43 teachers, all of whom are filmed in High Definition, with multiple camera angles and delivered in flash technology for only $19.95 per month! I teach several lesson series as described below. You can view several sample lessons in the flash player below. Click on the banner above to start your lessons now!

Steve’s PHASE 1 Lessons :

Beginning Guitar (Acoustic) 19 Lessons
View a sample beginning lesson

Kids and Guitar 21 Lessons
View a sample kids and guitar lesson

Steve’s PHASE 2 Lessons: 
(Genre Teaching)

Fingerstyle, 21 lessons

Bluegrass, 17 lessons
view a sample bluegrass lesson

Guitar, 23 lessons
view a sample celtic lesson

(Skill Building)

Singing With Guitar, 10 Lessons

Music Theory 101, 25 lessons

Gospel Guitar, 12 lessons

Steve’s PHASE 3 Lessons: Learning Songs

Christmas Songs 9 Lessons
Bluegrass Gospel Songs 11 lessons
4th of July Songs 5 Lessons
Folk 4 lessons

Click on the banner above to start your lessons now!

Or, go to :

and use this code for a 7-day FREE TRIAL!          8 8 5 0 A E E 0 C

(use zeroes, not the letter “o”)


After many requests, is now offering Bass Lessons and my buddy Freebo (from the Bonnie Raitt Band) is one of the teachers!  If you love the 4-strings and the low tones, these lessons are for YOU!

Click here to give them a try today!