May 31, 2016


S.E.A. Color-3SteveMDulcSing_smIt is my goal to help you define and successfully reach your musical goals, and have fun while doing so.  To be effective, we know that building Habits of learning and playing music into our daily rhythms is the most important key.  We also know that taking stock of where you begin, having a clear sense of your goals and assessing your progress along the way are important supports for our musical growth.

ALL of my Learning Programs come with the following:


A Personalized Program of Learning and Support

Assistance in Defining Your Goals

The Results YOU Want

Access to Additional learning tools and support.


1.  Face-to-face lesson slot (either in person at my studio, on the road, or via Skype or FaceTime).  The frequency of these lessons depends upon the program in which you enroll.

 2. Automatic Subscription to Habits for Your Healthy Music Habitat, once-a-week videos with tips and suggestions from mentors to assist you in developing and supporting the Habits in your daily life that will help you reach your goals.  They are delivered to your email inbox.

3.  The option to have a reduced-rate subscription to the video lessons in

4.  Recordings (Audio or Video) of you playing in your lessons to help you develop your self-assessment skills and tools.

5.  Arrangements of the music you would like to play, as requested.

6.  Regular Assessment of your Progress and adjustments to your learning plan.

7.  Periodic Performance Opportunities to share the music that you are working on, as well as a chance to be “done” with a piece of music and move on!

8.  A complimentary subscription to Habits from the Muse.  A weekly email of targeted inspiration, suggestions and encouragement.  These are delivered to your email inbox.


Which one of these learning attitudes describes you best at this time?

LARGO:  I am interested in patient progress in a slower, more incremental fashion  LARGO

ALLEGRO:  I prefer a comfortable walking pace-I want to have a program that can help me keep the steady momentum going to progress toward my goals, without overwhelming me. ALLEGRO

PRESTO:  I want to really buckle down and move forward.  I have a deadline and big weekly goals and am committed to reaching them! PRESTO

Not Sure Which one would suit you best?  Use this Self-Assessment Tool and then we schedule an Introductory Assessment Lesson to get you placed properly.  (Introductory/Assessment Lessons are a one-time fee of $60)