April 30, 2017


Largo is a program of study that features patient progressIMG_0972

This is a program that can help you to move forward in a slower, more incremental fashion.

[1] One Lesson a month, together with all of the other Features listed below.  Lessons are 45 minutes in duration.

The Term is typically 6-9 months in length.

  1.  Click below to sign up ($99/month Payment is billed automatically.  In order to have a recurring subscription you’ll need to have a Paypal account.  Don’t worry, it is easy and it doesn’t cost you anything!)

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1.  Face-to-face lesson slot (either in person at my studio, on the road, or via Skype or FaceTime).  The frequency of these lessons depends upon the program in which you enroll.

 2. Automatic Subscription to Habits for Your Healthy Music Habitat, once-a-week videos with tips and suggestions from mentors to assist you in developing and supporting the Habits in your daily life that will help you reach your goals.  They are delivered to your email inbox.

3.  The option to have a reduced-rate subscription to the video lessons in DulcimerCrossing.com.

4.  Recordings (Audio or Video) of you playing in your lessons to help you develop your self-assessment skills and tools.

5.  Arrangements of the music you would like to play, as requested.

6.  Regular Assessment of your Progress and adjustments to your learning plan.

7.  Periodic Performance Opportunities to share the music that you are working on, as well as a chance to be “done” with a piece of music and move on!


Habits from the Muse (Weekly Email)

8.  A complimentary subscription to Habits from the Muse.  A weekly email of targeted inspiration, suggestions and encouragement.  These are delivered to your email inbox.

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