April 30, 2017


Holy Mountain


Holy Mountain is a collection of vocal songs that aim at lifting up listeners with a positive, forward-looking attitude.

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This CD has long been out of print (although some used copies may still be found on the internet). Now you can have a fresh copy of the tunes that some parents have called “The Magical Recording!”

“When our child couldn’t go to sleep, we’d put on the “magical recording” and off he would go!”

“Our kids were able to sit still for long cross-country drives to visit family when we would say, “If you are good, you can sing with Steve on Holy Mountain.” That’s how we’ve survived!”

Instrumentation – A capella vocals, Gospel piano, acoustic guitar, mandolin, hammered dulcimer and percussion.

Style – From gentle contemplation to energetic dancing.

Can’t wait?  Download Steve’s 1st CD recording!

Listen to the tracks below, Download the lyrics here.

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1. Holy Mountain (3:45)

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2. Jesus Is Inside of Me! (3:21)

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3. I Am Somebody (2:42)

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4. This is the Church (2:22)

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5. God Is Faithful (Ps 145 Rap) (2:02)

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6. Everlasting Hug (3:40)

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7. Three Times (3:51)

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8. Dancing With Jesus (3:14)

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9. I Am Special (2:16)

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10. God Loves Us All the Same (3:31)

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11. Small Things (3:13)

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12. Armor of God (2:43)

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13. Let All Who Breathe (Ps 150 Rap) (2:38)

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14. Turn It Over (1:22)

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15. Lord’s Prayer (Come, Letcha Come) (2:56)

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16. Dancing In the Light (3:44)

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About the Artist

Helping people sing their soul and exploring singing the soul of others in order to experience God differently is a unique gift of Steve Eulberg. The music created by this talented artist is meant to be experiential and participatory, going beyond just listening. His singable style appeals to a diverse mix of people varying in age, race and sexual orientation, in short all God’s people.

Music builds community. Eulberg passionately believes that music crosses cultural and language barriers. Influenced by a variety of ethnic styles, his music weaves vital lyric with rap, rock, folk, gospel and blues.

He plays: Piano, Guitar, Recorder, Mandolin, Mountain & Hammered Dulcimers, African percussion & Irish Bodhran and more.

His cross-cultural ministry experience: Pastoral staff of Innercity Congregations of Chicago (1yr) , Denver (1yr) & Kansas City (11+ yrs). Experience with Latino, African-American, Asian-American & poor European American communities.

Currently Director of Music at Lutheran Campus Ministry at CSU in Fort Collins, leading Percussion and Vocal choirs, he composed a new commissioned worship service for this setting.

From German, Scottish/English, French and Cherokee background he is guitarist for Agua de Vida, a Spanish language congregation in Greeley/Brush, Colorado.

Author of 2 church songbooks, 1 of Psalm Settings, and 2 Volumes of Dulcimer-Friendly Worship, he has 4 cassette recordings.

Originally from Pemberville in northwestern Ohio, Eulberg now makes his home with his family in Fort Collins, Colorado where he can also be found playing in local venues, teaching private lessons, and hosting a monthly Hammered Dulcimer Slow Jam.

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Holy Mountain Reviews

Ryan Roth, The Clay Jar

“Be careful, though. After listening to these songs, you will be humming and singing them the rest of the day!”

Carey Jarvis, Michigan DJ

“…thank you for sending the Holy Mountain project, it is good music that can obviously cross cultural barriers…;”

EH KingCountry Western Corner

“Holy Mountain” CD album with 16 cuts of dynamite gospel to help minister your cares away…. If I had to recommend a Dove Award winner this album would be on the list!!!!”

Tim Van Schmidt, Ticket (Ft. Collins *Coloradoan*)

“Holy Mountain is a collection of vocal songs that aim at lifting up listeners with a positive, forward-looking attitude.”

Pastor Ron Letnes, (former) Executive Director Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp

“Steve’s music has variety. Each song is an instrumental, musical and rhythmic surprise! There is guitar, piano, mandolin, hammer dulcimer, chanting, finger-snapping, gentleness and passion, rhythmic variety which keep the listener alive! No yawning here!”

SG, Loveland, CO

“I’ve been on the road a lot lately and have listened and sung to your CD over and over. The melody is “listenable” and stays with you. The lyrics are meaningful to me.”

Pastor Samme Palermo, New York DJ

“Thanks for sending your cd!!! We… have added it to our “new bin” rotation… ”

JosÈ Valenzuela, Youth & Education Minister, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Albuquerque, NM

“After listening to it several times I am convinced that every young person of faith should listen and have the privilege of owning this CD. It also seems to be a more than perfect music collection for anyone that spends any time with children of all ages. It is such an affirmation of culture, age, and issues that young people face everyday. As a church professional I have seen parents embrace your work as extremely applicable to their children’s lives. Please, please please keep up the good and very necessary work.”

Pastor Ron Drury, Nebraska DJ

“Holy Mountain continues to encourage me and the familyäI’ve played ‘Armor of God’ on the show 3 times already!”

Ralph Sappington, Composer, Director of Music–American Lutheran Church

“Your lyrics are true to the scriptures and always following the Gospel and your music is fun and easy to sing. This is music that is meant to be used! I encourage congregations to sing these songs again and again, make use of this fine resource.”

Louie Marsh, Arizona DJ

“Your CD is in the stack of recommended plays right now.”

Bishop Charles Maahs, Central States Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Kansas

“…”Holy Mountain” is rich in both sound and theology. The songs can be used in a variety of settings and are perfect for personal reflection and devotional time. Moving, challenging, and reflective of his faith journey, Eulberg’s music is progressive and spiritually open.”

Rev. Walter Schoedel, Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, Webster Groves, Missouri

“This album causes the listener to ponder the meaning of his faith. We can have a mountain top experience with a desire to go down into the valley with courage to mee the challenges of everyday life. ”



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