April 30, 2017


I Celebrate Life!


OMM CD0501
Original Songs & Tunes by Steve Eulberg from his first 25 years with Mountain and Hammered Dulcimers.

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A boot-kicking hoe-down with relaxing, breath-catching interludes, followed by jig steps and waltzes–all on mountain and hammered dulcimers. In addition to the treasures of the past, Steve loves to create new traditions with the tuens that flow from the sweet river.  Floating along with his dulcimers, his music is enjoyed throughout the US, Europe, the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Inspired by a Jean Ritchie poem of the same title, I Celebrate Life! is the title track of a collection of original songs and tunes written for Mountain and Hammered Dulcimer by award-winning singer-songwriter and musician, Steve Eulberg.

(The Companion Book has musical notation and dulcimer tablature for the tunes as well).

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1. Ferret Frolic (3:00)

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2. I Celebrate Life! (4:17)

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3. Cracking Open a New Century (2:52)

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4. Seton Sands (3:10)

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5. Snowbow at Sky (3:30)

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6. O Virgin–ee-i-a (4:41)

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7. Dancing With Wu-Li (3:11)

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8. Old Shoe Waltz (3:30)

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9. Mt. Jackson/Just a Sliver Short of Full (4:28)

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10. We Are An Answer to Prayer (4:56)

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11. Byword Tower (3:25)

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12. Pining Hearts (3:43)

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13. First Snow (3:45)

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14. Portage River (2:29)

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15. Summer Storm (3;14)

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16. Jumpin’ Java (4:04)

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17. One Sweet Sabbath Breath (2:17)

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18. Elk in the Meadow (2:33)

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19. Woodland Acres Waltz (3:09)

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20. Connie’s Jig (2:31)

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21. Bedtime in the Meadow (3:20)

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9 reviews for I Celebrate Life!

  1. :

    Virginia MacIsaac – Rambles.net

    “At first look this one appears to be a children’s CD because of the smiling young face on the cover. However, after the first few tracks,…there are instrumentals that will become part of those I will return to again and again….’First Snow’–how music can capture the silence of snow falling, I don’t know, but it happens right here…’Portage River’ almost sounds like a jig. Two fiddling sisters join in, Carole and Teresa Lundgren, flowing and ripply, just like a river. With “Summer Storm” a wind builds under our ears, fluttering, swaying, whooshing and waving….” to read more go to: http://www.rambles.net

  2. :

    MD – SingOut

    “On this CD, the award-winning mountain and hammered dulcimer player highlights both his instrumental virtuosity and his talent as a songwriter.

    Eulberg meditates on happiness, the importance of tradition, and the beauty of his Colorado home in these 21 songs and instrumentals. He is joined by friends and family to round out the instrumentation, making this a well-balanced and joyful album.”

  3. :

    Ben Seymour, Dulcimer Player and Builder

    “[I] particularly like “Dancing With Wu-Li.” Tasty!”

  4. :

    Kent Gustavson, Musician

    “….stunning! I love the sound of your instruments, and the joy with which you play!”

  5. :

    Esther Kreek, Dulcimer Player

    “….very enjoyable to listen to–good variety. I especially liked “Cracking Open A New Century” and “One Sweet Sabbath Breath.”

  6. :

    Jan Hammond, Ohio

    “Steve Eulberg’s I Celebrate Life! is an undisputed “feel good” collection of mountain and hammered dulcimer music. From the rollicking first track, “Ferret Frolic” through the sensitive “First Snow” to the final selection…each piece is unique and a joy to listen to. The production and instrumental work is outstanding. Steve’s vocals are rich and full on several songs….”

  7. :

    Ron Drury, DJ from Nebraska

    “I Celebrate Life! is one of the best lyrical and instrumental gifts of life for 2005 and beyond. This CD is the best in honest advertisement–it truly does celebrate life!”

  8. :

    E. H. King, Country Western Corner

    “.a collection of 21-Treasures from the past and sprinkled with some new instrumentals. The “Master” of Strings, Steve’s music is currently being played in the US, the UK, New Zealand for his many fans in Australia and Europe. “Ferret Frolic” to “Bedtime in the Meadow” it becomes a fantastic journey in sounds.”

  9. :

    Neal Walters, Dulcimer Players News

    “…Steve is a superb dulcimer player by any standard, a positive and giving person and a first-rate composer with a unique knack of writing tunes that fit the instrument perfectly. I Celebrate Life! is his magnum opus, and I recommend it highly.”

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