April 30, 2017


Mr. Steve’s Folk Music for Little Folks EP Download


OMM CD1103-dl
A download of the 5-Song EP of Mr. Steve’s music project of the songs he writes and sings regularly with pre-school friends around the country.

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Mr. Steve’s programs with pre-school and primary school children are well-loved. The songs that he sings and composes with the children are often requested. This 5-song EP is a sampler from a project that currently in process.

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Old Black Cat Old Black Cat (2:54)

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I Will Celebrate Gum (2:01)

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My Mower’s Making Music (3:30)

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The Pepper Song (2:41)

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Watermelon (2:01) by John McCutcheon

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Mr. Steve plays mountain dulcimer, guitar, mandolin, trumpet, Galax mountain dulcimer, bass, didjeridoo, güiro, banjammer and electric mountain dulcimer on these tunes.


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