April 30, 2017


Never on Sunday


OMM JD1302
This is a 4-part arrangement in standard musical notation and mountain dulcimer tablature for standard (2) mountain dulcimers tuned (DAd tuning) and (2) hammered dulcimers.

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Product Description

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: (This will be ready soon)

An accessible, intermediate-advanced  level 4-part arrangement of the Manis Hajidakis’ tune, “Never on Sunday.”  For (2) Mountain and (2) Hammered Dulcimer parts.  This arrangements makes use of staccato articulations and the playing of rests.



Alternative content

All provided on a CD-ROM)

Standard Notation AND Mountain Dulcimer tablature for a Quartet of Standard Dulcimers (pdf files* for Score and each part),

Can also be played by Hammered Dulcimers.

In addition:

1) mp3** sound files of both kinds of duets,

2) mp3 sound files of each part played louder than the others, to help guide learning.

3) mp3 sound files in “karaoke-style” with each part missing, to be supplied by a player who wishes to practice and provide his or her part, or who lives far away from other dulcimer players.

*pdfs require Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download from www.adobe.com

**mp3 files can be played on an mp3 player such as iTunes or others.

This music is different from that often played on the dulcimer, but is accessible to players of all abilities!

Debuted in performance by The Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra at the 10th Colorado Dulcimer Festival, February 2012.



How can I use this with my group of dulcimer-playing friends?

A)  If you have purchased the CD-ROM you have also purchased permission to make the copies you need to play with your ensemble.

B)  If you are in possession of physical copies, but you haven’t purchased the CD-ROM and want to make copies to play with your friends, please respect the following:

In order to honor the work that goes into creating these arrangements, I respectfully request that if you’d like to make copies for your friends, please send me $1 per copy that you make.

If you wish to purchase additional copies, please send payment via Paypal to: steve (at) owlmountainmusic.com

I would like to purchase a Mechanical License to make a recording of my group playing this arrangement.  Please contact steve (at) owlmountainmusic.com to arrange this.



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