April 30, 2017


Old School Old Time by Fiddle Whamdiddle


OMM CD1201

The debut recording of Fiddle Whamdiddle sizzles and celebrates Old Time music on fiddle and dulcimers.

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NEWS:  2 years AFTER its release, Old School Old-Time is #49 on the Top 100 Folk Albums for 2014 by Roots Music Report

Owl Mountain Music, Inc. is proud to announce the debut recording of FiddleWhamdiddle:  Old School Old Time

This is a collection of 15 tracks of old-time music, including a couple of originals from each fellow, learned and shared by many generations of players and now picked up and taught to each other, coming out in some refreshing arrangements that highlight the beauty of the instruments and the liveliness of the tradition.

Are you saying, “I know what a fiddle is but what is a whamdiddle?”  The whamdiddle is a slang name for the hammered dulcimer; “hog fiddle” is a slang name for the mountain dulcimer, both are traditional American folks instruments.  Together with the fiddle they make for a porch-picking, knee-slapping good time.

Can’t wait?  You can download the entire album here.

Listen below

Vi Wickam is a 3rd generation Colorado fiddler with several fiddling awards under his belt, most recently serving as a judge at the National Old-Time Fidders Contest in Weiser, ID.

Steve Eulberg has won several prizes in the Walnut Valley Flatpicking Festival, in Winfield, KS, most recently serving as a featured performer there.  Together their cross-pollination produces the foot-stomping, heart-pumping, head-bobbing music that snagged audiences all summer on the streets of Fort Collins as performers in Streetmosphere.

Vi Wickam has been filming a Fiddle-Tune-A-Day since January 1 of 2012 and the pair have played for several of these youtube videos.  Here they are playing a tune NOT on this recording:

We are grateful to the many artists whose work helps to make this avaialble for you:  Aaron Youngberg of Swingfingers Studio in Masonville recorded & mixed the CD, Charlie Pilzer of Airshow is mastering.  Christina Gressianu’s photography brings the flavor of the sound to a visual medium.

Special thanks to Jill Stillwell and the City of Fort Collins for allowing us to do the album cover photo shoot in the one-room Upper Box Elder School at the old Fort Collins Museum.  Still the best Old School we know.


“A celebration of Old Time Dance Tunes for fiddle and both fretted and hammered dulcimers.
Tight, spirited, and varied arrangements by two excellent folk musicians.  Present throughout is an obvious love of both the material and the craft of presenting it.
Well done.”   –Don PediOld-Time Mountain Dulcimer Player, Marshall, North Carolina, DJ of “Close to Home”  WCQS Public Radio of the Mountain Air Network

“This album is a breath of fresh air for the old-time music community. Smart song selections, fresh accessible arrangements, and great performances by Vi Wickam, Steve Eulberg and the supporting musician make for a very enjoyable listening experience. – Matthew Hartz, Fiddle Champion:  World (1988), Grand National (1988, 1992), Grand Masters (1989, 1993, 1995)

“Your recording is a wonderful piece of art…you blend your playing skills and I liked your choice of tunes.  You should be very happy and count on record sales.”  –Bill Robinson, St. Charles, Illinois, 3rd Generation hammered dulcimer player; Fox Valley Arts Hall of Fame Inductee, 2006; Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement, Illinois Country Music Association, 2004;  “Little Jimmy Dempsey” Award for Outstanding Instrumentalist Achievement, 2203  North America Country Music Association, Int’l
“Fiddle Whamdiddle has exploded onto the Old Time Fiddle & Dulcimer scene with their brilliant new release called Fiddle Whamdiddle – Old School Old time Album….Traditional Folk Music never sounded so good.
They have chosen 15 of the finest Old Time tunes known to man. They have even slipped in original songs that will both impress you and induce fits of toe tapping and/or foot stomping throughout “Old School Old Time”.
This is an energetic mix that is as addictive as it is fun. Beautifully produced and mixed, Fiddle Whamdiddle is about to win you over. “Fiddle Whamdiddle – Old School Old Time” reminds us just how sensational Old Time music can be.
This album will bring a smile to your lips and a song to your heart. It has taken “Instrumental” albums in a whole new direction. One I would like to hear more.”…[Read the entire review here]–Indieshowcase.net by Shashona
“Several years ago there was a steady flow of records featuring the hammered dulcimer, but it has been a while now since we’ve had one to add to the old-time library.  This 15-track CD is nicely done, with 15 good tunes that all lend themselves to that instrument.  Eulberg plays the hammered dulcimer and Wickam plays the fiddle—there is no other accompaniment, but none is really needed as the two musicians  create a full and enjoyable sound.  Nice renditions of LIBERTY, MISS McLEOD’S REEL, BOIL THEM CABBAGE DOWN, ST ANNE’S REEL, SPIDER BIT THE BABY, SPOTTED PONY, BARLOW KNIFE, etc. ”   —County Sales

2013 Grammy News!

Our CD, Old School Old Time was on the 1st Grammy Ballot in all the categories for which we submitted it!

Album of the Year

Best New Artist

American Roots Music Category Best Folk Album

Production, Non-Classical, Category Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical Thanks to Aaron Youngberg of Swingfingers–recording/mixing, and Charlie Pilzer of Airshow–Mastering!)

Listen to some mixes from the recording below:

(if you are viewing on an iPad or iPhone, click here to listen.)

Stories Behind the Tunes:

Traditional Music came from somewhere and if it is going to continue to live, must be passed on.  We’re grateful to the people from whom we’ve learned this music:


1.  Sandy Boys (2:57)

Alternative content

Steve learned this tune from the playing of the North Harris County Dulcimers in Texas.

Vi learned this one from Steve.

Fiddle & Mountain Dulcimer.


2.  Liberty (2:23)

Alternative content

MANY Hammered Dulcimer Jam Sessions-Steve

Vi can’t remember ever NOT knowing this one.

Hammered Dulcimer & Fiddle.


3.  Blacktail Weasel (3:39)

Alternative content

©2005 Steven B. Eulberg, Administered by Owl Mountain Music, Inc.

Vi learned this one from Steve.

Clemmer Mountain Dulcimer & Fiddle.


4.  Ragtime Annie (3:49)

Alternative content

Steve learned this from a collection of tunes published by Linda Lowe Thomas and several Avogadro’s Number jam sessions in Fort Collins.

Vi can’t remember ever NOT knowing this one.

Fiddle & Hammered Dulcimer.


5.  Miss McLeod’s Reel (2:15) (Did You Ever Go to Meeting, Uncle Joe?)

Alternative content

Steve learned this tune from the playing of North Carolina dulcimer player, Don Pedi.

Stuck in Vi’s head but couldn’t find what it’s name was

Ben Seymour Galax Mountain Dulcimer & Fiddle.


6.  Peekaboo Waltz (2:46)

Alternative content

Steve learned this tune from the playing Esther Kreek on recording of pioneer tunes They Passed This Way.

Vi learned this tune from Tony and Jay Dean Ludiker’s Beginning Fiddle Book when teaching students to play it.

Fiddle & Hammered Dulcimer.


7.  Spider Bit the Baby (2:22)

Alternative content

Steve learned this tune from the banjo playing of Cathy Barton Para of Booneville, MO.

Vi first learned this tune from Billy Ward, but started playing it after Dale Morris’s New for 78 Recording.

Folkroots Mountain Dulcimer & Fiddle & Guitar (Brent Hawley).


8.  St. Anne’s Reel (3:37)

Alternative content

Steve can’t remember ever NOT knowing this tune, but became more aware of it as an instrumental break in a part of a John Denver’s performance of Dave Mallett’s The Ballad of St. Anne’s Reel song on his Autograph album.  He started playing it after that ad it was one of the first tunes played at the Avogradro’s Number jam session he attended after moving to Fort Collins in 1997.

Vi heard this tune as a kid, at first thought it was dumb song, but Tony Rothrock’s playing made it cool again so he started playing it.

Fiddle  & Hammered Dulcimer with Guitar & Mandolin (Brent Hawley).


9.  Barlow Knife (2:24)

Alternative content

Steve first remembers hearing this tune from the playing of David Schnaufer at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas.

Vi learned this one from Steve.

McSpadden Special Mountain Dulcimer & Fiddle.


10.  Spotted Pony (2:31)

Alternative content

Steve learned this tune from young mountain dulcimer player Erin Rogers (who became the 2004 National Mountain Dulcimer Champion) in 1999.

Vi learned it from Steve.

Fiddle & Hammered Dulcimer.


11.  Higgedy Jig (2:46)

Alternative content

©Vi Wickam

Steve learned this one from Vi.

Fiddle & Hammered Dulcimer & Guitar (Brent Hawley)


12.  Fisher’s Hornpipe (4:46)  (Fishar’s Hornpipe)

Alternative content

Steve learned this tune while playing fiddle tunes on mandolin in 1982.Vi Learned the D version after hearing it as a child, but first had worked it out in F from Major Franklin’s playing.

Hammered Dulcimer & Fiddle.


13.  Versuvienne (3:42)  (Put Your Little Foot)

Alternative content

Vi learned this sweet tune from an 82-year old fiddler at Colorado State Fiddle Contest when Vi was 12. Steve learned this one from Vi.

Fiddle & Hammered Dulcimer.


14.  Golden Slippers (3:00)

Alternative content

This minstrel tune is sometimes considered to be the Hammered Dulcimer National Anthem because it is often the first tune every player learned.  Steve can’t remember NOT knowing the tune, but didn’t play it on the dulcimer until several years after he started.

Vi can’t remember ever NOT knowing this one.

Hammered Dulcimer & Fiddle.


15.  Boil ‘Em Cabbage Down (3:55)

Alternative content

This mountain tune is considered to be Mountain Dulcimer National Anthem because it is often the first tune learned by players.  It was one of Steve’s first, learned and relearned from countless sources and

It could also be considered one of the Fiddle’s National Anthems for the same reason.  It one of the first songs Vi’s Dad ever made him play over and over again.

Ben Seymour Galax Mountain Dulcimer & Fiddle.

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    ***** (5 Stars)
    Fun for the whole family!
    I play in an old-time string band called “Tiger Maple String Band” in NWPA and enjoyed listening to your CD! Good Job!
    -Lori (CDBaby)

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    ***** (5 Stars)
    These two are amazingly talented musicians who play together superbly. Highly recommended!
    -D. Hudson (Amazon)

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