April 30, 2017


Permissions-Usage Fee


OMM UF Usage Fee, Permissions and Mechanical Licenses

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Thank you for your interest in using Owl Mountain Music!

REPRINTING License for Group Participation

If you would like to reprint music from the Owl Mountain Music Catalog for use in your dulcimer or learning group, you may do so right here using the button on this page.  

1)  Please choose the number of copies you are making to get the correct total.  2)  Please list which item or pages you are making copies of in the text box when checking out…or send an email explaining your choices.


REPRINTING License for Congregational Worship

If you would like to reprint the from Owl Mountain Music Catalog for use in your Congregation’s Worship, it is listed both with CCLI and LicenSing.

If you do NOT have a CCLI or LicenSing license, the normal fee is $15.00 for one-time use of a song.  $25.00 for a whole year’s use of the song in your congregation’s worship services.  The Large Event/Assembly/Convention rate is $25.00 Please choose the one that best fits your situation.

If you have purchased Congregational Edition booklets for use in your congregation, no further license is necessary.

If you would like a License to re-print an entire liturgical setting for your congregation’s worship, please contact us with information about your congregation’s normal worship attendance and expected frequency of usage in a year.

(This does NOT apply to Kent Gustavson‘s Light Into the World:  Hope for a New Day, Bluegrass Eucharist Setting.  Contact the composer directly for a Congregational Reprinting License.)


Mechanical License

If you would like to record an Owl Mountain Music original or arrangement, please write me for details about purchasing a Mechanical License for your recording.


If you prefer, you may send a check or money order for the number of copies for which you are requesting permission and a description of your musical choices to:

Owl Mountain Music, Inc.
63 Bovet RD #142
San Mateo, CA 94402

Additional Information

Usage Fee

Congregational One-Time, Congregational Annual, Reprinting ($1.00 per page copied)


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