May 25, 2017

rock on rock-single


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©1990 Steven B. Eulberg

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Rock on Rock, We build up the ancient rubble

Block on Block, We shall restore the former ruins.

Stone on Stone, We reconstruct the broken walls

Brick on Brick, We resurrect abandoned homes.

We shall repair the ruined cities

The devastation  Of many generations.

So let the famine come

The floodwaters flow

The earthquake roar its mighty roar

The rumble and grumble and tumble of war
Crackle of fire, munch of the termite
The tinkle of shattering glass;

‘the wheeze of the plague’s last gasp…

(Mexico, 1987 after great earthquake.  Innercity, where we were at Fountain of Hope Lutheran Fellowship, Kansas City, MO USA;  San Francisco, 1989 earthquake)


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