May 25, 2017

The Raindrop Prelude, Chopin


OMM SM1501  The “Raindrop Prelude” by Frederic Chopin, Opus 28. No. 15, arranged for mountain dulcimer solo by Steven B. Eulberg.

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Chopin’s Prelude Opus 28 no.15, commonly called “The Raindrop Prelude” has been arranged by Steven B. Eulberg for performing on a solo mountain dulcimer in DAd tuning.

This arrangement requires a 1+ fret.  It includes musical notation and mountain dulcimer tablature.

5 pages delivered by digital download in a PDF file for printing by the user.

Chopin followed the example of Bach and wrote piano preludes for all 24 of the tonalities.  He never named them, but only referred to them by numbers.  This one is thought to have been influenced by his stay on Majorca during the rainy season with Georges Sand and her children, although others dispute this as inspiration.  The constant, rhythmic playing of a single note, even when changing keys is what has led some to suggest this name.

(To play this in the original key of D flat, simply tune your dulcimer to D flat, A flat, d flat and play the tablature as written.)


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