April 30, 2017


Three Hymns for Mountain Dulcimer Quartets


OMM BK0701-dl
These arrangements are included in standard (DAd) mountain dulcimer quartets, AND for mixed quartets of Ginger/Standard/Baritone/Bass instruments and can be played by Hammered Dulcimers.  This is a downloadable product only.

Product Description

Downloadable product:  Three Hymns arranged by Steve Eulberg for both Standard and Mixed Mountain Dulcimer Quartets (Ginger/Standard/Baritone/Bass). (These can be played by Hammered Dulcimers as well)

Here you have Three Hymns arranged for Mountain (or Hammered) Dulcimer ensembles.  Each consists of 4 parts, like a traditional 4-part hymn.

Each arrangement is included twice, once for a quartet of Standard dulcimers tuned to DAd (except Beautiful Savior which has one dulcimer tuned to DA#d).

The second time the Mixed dulcimer quartet is composed of Ginger (or Dulcimette or Sweetie…a smaller, higher pitched dulcimer) tuned accordingly, and a Baritone (or lower-pitched instrument) tuned accordingly, together with two standard instruments tuned DAd.

A Bass dulcimer can also be used and reads the tablature as written.

The use of these differently-voiced instruments gives a rich timbre to resulting performance.

The accompanying sound files in .mp3 format were created with mixed dulcimer quartets.

Click on each player to Listen to a sample of the Mixed Quartet:

Schönster Herr Jesus (Beautiful Savior)

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Herr Liebster Jesus (Ah, Holy Jesus)

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Ar Hyd Y Nos (All Through the Night)

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How can I use this with my group of dulcimer-playing friends?

In order to honor the work that goes into creating these arrangements, I respectfully request that if you’d like to make copies for your friends, please send me $1 per copy. (There are 6 pages in the booklet=$1.00 per page.) Or just order enough copies for your friends.

If you wish to purchase additional copies, please send payment via Paypal to: steve@owlmountainmusic.com


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