May 25, 2017

S·E·A Folkgrass

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S·E·A is comprised of long-time folk musician Steve Eulberg and musical sisters Erin and Amber Rogers.

All are award-winning musicians.

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Steve met the sisters when they were just beginning to play their instruments.

At first, the three met up occasionally at music festivals across the country and made it a point to play some tunes together.

As the years went on, they formed an intentional partnership and for 3 years have been scheduling performances and tours together.  (Book this trio)


Steve has a thriving music career of his own, teaching private lessons and workshops, composing and recording folk songs, and performing concerts.

Erin and Amber tour full-time together as a duo called “Scenic Roots.”  (Read Bios of the Group Members Here.)

S·E·A has come together whenever the trio’s touring schedule had allowed but for the past 2 years are intentionally booking gigs & tours together. They have taught preschool classes, performed at house concerts, theaters, dulcimer festivals, music academies, and bluegrass festivals.  (Read a Short History of the Ensemble Here.)

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S·E·A is united by their love of dulcimers, study of traditional music, and passion for eliciting positive change in their communities through that music.  (Read about their Educational Programs Focus Here.)

Take a look and listen to some performances here:



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