April 30, 2017

Not My Monkey New Recording by Fiddle Whamdiddle

PRE-ORDER TODAY Vi and I have been hard at work and have finally sent our newest recording off to the manufacturer this week! Not My Monkey features our original tune (by the same name), John Denver's Matthew, Aura Lea (written in 1861 by a relative of Vi's Grandmother, George R. Poulton) and several other old-time favorites. Recorded over 3 years, by two very gifted engineers (Latin-Grammy-winning Oscar Autie, of El Cerrito Studio, in El Cerrito, California) and Darren Radach, of Stout Studios in Fort Collins, Colorado. Darren also served as the mixing engineer and the recording was mastered by Randy LeRoy of Airshow Mastering, Tacoma Park, Maryland. Cover art was photographed and designed by Christina Gressianu, Loveland, Colorado. We expect delivery by the first of February with a projected release date of May 28, 2017. Pre-Order today and get your copy as soon as it arrives...with free postage!  (use the code: iwantmymonkey at checkout)

I Wonder as I Wander (DAC) by Steve Eulberg

Steve Eulberg has long been taken by this traditional American tune from Appalachia, collected and added to by John Jacob Niles.

Here Steve introduces the tune and tells the story and describes how to tune for the Aeolian mode, in which this tune resides.

Here is the lesson set.

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Erin Mae Lewis featured in Hearts of the Dulcimer Podcast

Here is another resource for mountain dulcimer players!

HeartsofDulcimerDVDcoverWayne Jiang and Patricia Delich, the producers of the Hearts of the Dulcimer DVD, have created a regular Podcast, called Hearts of the Dulcimer.

The most recent episode (#007) features our own DulcimerCrossing teacher,  Erin Mae Lewis, not as a Bond girl, but as the Secret Agent of Dulcimer herself! ErinMaeHeartsofDulcimerPodcast

Each episode features several explorations of the dulcimer, its history, its players, its past and its future.

This episode features the playing of Erin Mae, together with her sister, Amber (from their duo Scenic Roots) and a surprise jam session with Steve Eulberg at the Kindred XL Gathering in Jughandle, California August 2014.

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1. Click the photo of Erin playing, or follow this link to the Hearts of the Dulcimer Podcast page.

2.  Subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes

3.  Listen to the Podcast on Stitcher.com

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Dampers on Hammered Dulcimer

Steve Eulberg introduces the tool of dampers, how they work and how they can be used on the hammered dulcimer in this new lesson set.

Changing the timbre of the tone is the thing he likes because it broadens the sonic palette for playing the sweet music!

Here is the lesson set.

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Stir Up Your Power for Hammered Dulcimer

A new seasonal lesson for Hammered Dulcimer features an original tune by Steve Eulberg.HarkCover

Steve wrote this tune as a song for his congregation to sing in the season of Advent when he was an inner city pastor in Kansas City.  Guy George later covered it and the two of them have played it on stage a few times at festival appearances.  The tune is part of Steve’s Hark, the Glad Sound recording and is found in his book Dulcimer-Friendly Worship, Vol 1: the season of Advent.

Take a look at a preview below:


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Advent Dulcimer Devotions

In the midst of the hectic holiday and pre-holiday season, Steve Eulberg is offering the weekly delivery of Advent Dulcimer Devotions to your email inbox.

Think of it:  Sweet Music of dulcimers arriving, once a week, to help your calm and centering prayer or practice be refreshed and renewed so you can return to your daily rhythms with hope and joy.  (That sounds like a tall order, but it is what HE experiences when playing and sharing the tunes of Advent (the church season before Christmas.)

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Dulci-Tune Hammered Dulcimer Accessory

by Steve Eulberg

After using a pitch pipe, a tuning fork, a note from another instrument, then a Korg tuner with a tuning clip (which helps to isolate the pitches that are being tuned in the midst of a noisy room), I am so glad to see this new tool for helping hammered dulcimer players!
Dusty Strings has partnered with Snark to create the perfect accessory for those of us who would rather play than spend all day tuning our instruments!  I have filmed an introductory review for you here:

It is available from Owl Mountain Music, Inc. and several other dulcimer stores.  This might be the perfect gift for a loved one…including yourself!

Another Jig Will Do for Hammered Dulcimer

An Irish Slip Jig in 9/8 time for Hammered Dulcimer!

Lesson by Steve Eulberg.  Here is the demonstration of the tune:


Take a look at a preview below:

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AnotherJigCover.inddThis tune is featured in (and is the title for) Steve’s 2009 Book/CD which just had its 4th printing this year:  Another Jig Will Do:  Songs & Tunes of the Angles and the Celts

Kitty Puss at the Ozark Folk Center

While teaching at the Mountain Dulcimer Week at the Ozark Folk Center in the summer of 2009, Steve Eulberg performed this tune, Kitty Puss, which he learned from Don Pedi, in the midday concert.  He is playing noter style on his Mike Clemmer dulcimer (with a doubled bass string).  Video by Barry Bianchi.

This tune is an example of a traditional tune played on mountain dulcimer in the old-time style.  Check out our Traditional Noter Series on dulcimercrossing.com to learn tips on playing this way.

Steve will be teaching a week-long workshop (Session 2 every day) at the Kentucky Music Week in Bardstown, KY  this summer if you are interested in digging deeper into the traditional style in an intensive face-to-face way. (June 21-26, 2015)

The Dulcimer Orchestra Library Project…

…and the Berkeley Dulcimer Orchestra (California)



…and the Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra (Colorado)


Colorado Dulcimer Orchestra

…and the Northeast Dulcimer Orchestra  (Connecticut)


…Are all part of a growing movement of dulcimer players who gather to play multi-part music from a classical repertoire.

The Dulcimer Orchestra Library Project gathers, commissions and provides accessible arrangements of classical tunes from around the world for dulcimer ensembles.

The Goal of the project is to provide resources for dulcimer players who wish to improve their performing skills and experience the joy of shared creative musical experiences in ensembles large and small.

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To help support the creation of new arrangements for the Orchestra, consider supporting Steve Eulberg’s Patreon Campaign here.