April 30, 2017

Habits from the Muse

At the request of several students, and in partnership with several musicians and music educators who desired to have resources to help support their musical and creative practice, I have created the following Resources that I want you to know about!

We are also interested in YOUR ideas about what habits you can share that support your creativity, too.

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Habits for Your Healthy Music Habitat is a weekly video to support musicianship.

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If you are a teacher and have a Habit to share, please contact Steve.

Serenade to the Canada Goose



Serenade to the Canada Goose DVD

with music by Steve Eulberg

Serenade” is the story of a year in the life of the majestic Canada Goose. Scenes of the stately goose we all know and love are interspersed with scenes of irrepressible goslings as they grow into adulthood. This story is told in picture and music. There is no narration.
The beautiful video scenes of “Serenade” are accompanied by the moving, original music of composer, performer, Steve Eulberg. You’ll recognize the wonderful sounds of the mountain and hammered dulcimer, Native American flute and guitar.

Positive Communication, Inc. has received national awards for its quality programming and music.

“Full Moon” from this soundtrack was included in the first compilation CD released by Dulcimer Players News this Winter!

Purchase now OMM DVD0601