April 30, 2017


Not My Monkey by Fiddle Whamdiddle


OMM CD1701 Fiddle Whamdiddle’s 2nd Recording of Old-Time music on Fiddle and Dulcimers!

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Anticipated street date:  5/28/17

Listen to the Tracks here:

1. Soldier’s Joy (3:38) Galax dulcimer

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2. Woodchopper’s Reel (3:43) hammered dulcimer

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3. Shenandoah (5:00) hammered dulcimer

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4. 8th of January (1:58) McSpadden Special

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5. Old Joe Clark (3:25) Galax dulcimer

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6. Matthew (by John Denver, 1974) (5:30)  Guitar, bass

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7. Cold Frosty Morning (3:44) Galax dulcimer

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8. Arkansas Traveler (2:41) hammered dulcimer

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9. Aura Lea (by George R. Poulton, 1861, a relative of Vi) (2:43) hammered dulcimer

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10. Redwing (by Kerry Mills, 1907) (3:31) hammered dulcimer

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11. Not My Monkey (by Steve Eulberg & Vi Wickam) (3:37) McSpadden Special

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12. The Blackest Crow (2:50) McSpadden Special

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13. Temperance Reel (3:13) hammered dulcimer

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14. June Apple (3:26) Galax dulcimer

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Weight 12 oz

3 reviews for Not My Monkey by Fiddle Whamdiddle

  1. :

    NOT MY MONKEY – Fiddle Whamdiddle
    Review by Mark Gilston, 2016 National Mountain Dulcimer Champion

    Vi Wickham and Steve Eulberg play together as Fiddle Whamdiddle, a duet of folk fiddle and dulcimers of both the hammered and mountain variety. Their latest CD, Not My Monkey, is a compilation of mostly Old Time standards with a couple of songs added in for extra variety.
    Both Vi and Steve are great jamming musicians, and their freewheeling, enthusiastic styles are apparent right from the opening track of the old classic, “Soldier’s Joy”. It is clear that both players love the music and are having great fun with the tunes. Vi loves to improvise, and plays wildly with the melodies on the old standard tunes. The versions are all the classics one would expect in a typical large old time jam session with the exceptions of his unusual rendition of “June Apple”, and the old song melody of “The Blackest Crow” (also known as “Ten Thousand Miles”) which has so many versions, any of which could be expected. The influences come from all over the place, from the swingy interpretation of “8th of January” to a super jazzy version of “Redwing”. The fiddle often goes off playing a harmony, so if you are not keying into listening for the melody in the dulcimer, it can almost sound like another tune.

    When Steve plays hammer dulcimer on the CD, he employs a sparse,“less is more” philosophy of playing, so he never overpowers the fiddle. I particularly enjoyed the straightforward arpeggio work he demonstrates on the popular Civil War love song, “Aura Lee”. It seems like the ideal pairing of hammer dulcimer with the languorous dreaminess of the fiddle. The song has a particular poignancy for Vi, since the composer of the tune was an ancestor of his. Steve also plays mountain dulcimer on six of the pieces. In “Old Joe Clark” and “Frosty Morning, the combination of fiddle and mountain dulcimer has a tight balance where both instruments come off as equal partners. In “8th of January” and “The Blackest Crow”, Steve begins with an effective chordal accompaniment and then switches roles providing melody with the fiddle playing backup.

    Listening to Not My Monkey feels like hanging out at a fine Old Time jam. I found myself wanting to play along and join in the fun.

  2. :

    Not My Monkey – Fiddle Whamdiddle – 2017
    Linda Thomas
    If you are a newcomer to the world of Old Time Music – or if you’re a “seasoned” musician – you will appreciate this new project by Steve Eulberg and Vi Wickam. “Not My Monkey” is a wonderful collection of standards every musician should know and also includes some new titles and covers tastefully blended into the mix.
    Steve lends his artistry on both hammered and mountain dulcimer, guitar and vocals while sharing leads and harmonies with Vi on fiddle to create beautiful duet work; Steve and Vi clearly demonstrate the well-mastered art of the support musician while each shines on intricate leads. Hammered Dulcimer players should take note and appreciate Steve’s subtle and intricate back-up on the instrument that is so often considered a “melody” instrument!
    If you long for the sound of Old Time Music played from the heart, this CD’s for you. Well Done, Steve and Vi!

  3. :

    Fiddle Whamdiddle
    (Steve Eulberg, Vi Wickam)
    Not My Monkey
    Reviewed by Ilace Mears,
    2016 National Hammered Dulcimer Champion)

    With the Ringling Brothers circus on its final tour, there a gap in our entertainment world – which can be nicely filled by Fiddle Whamdiddle’s latest project, Not My Monkey. Steve Eulberg on mountain and hammered dulcimer and Vi Wickam on fiddle are both nationally recognized, award-winning musicians with the agility to perform instrumental acrobatics and matching senses of humor and joy.

    The pair is at their best in the nine old fiddle tunes on this album. From Soldier’s Joy (Track 1) to June Apple (Track 14), these tunes sparkle like sequins, swing like a trapeze, prance like a show horse, and strut like a ringmaster. Cold Frosty Morning begins tossing plates into the chilly air, then twirls them faster and faster till they vanish in a wisp of smoke. The spotlights are on rhythmic innovation and precision. I dare you to listen sitting still.

    Delightfully soothing intermissions are provided by several more reflective selections. Aura Lee was composed in 1861 by a relative of Vi’s grandmother. Steve’s rich vocals on John Denver’s Matthew melt in one’s ear like cotton candy on the tongue.

    The title track, Not My Monkey, is the motorcycle in the cage of this show – a little edgier, a bit grittier. Based on the Polish proverb “Not my monkey, not my circus,” this is a reminder that not every tiger is ours to tame.

    The clean, whimsical jacket design by Christina Gressianu (who happens to be Vi’s wife) is as clever as Fiddle Whamdiddle’s treatment of the tunes on the CD it houses.

    I recommend having popcorn and peanuts available when listening to this album – and a big ole glass of pink lemonade. These are definitely my monkeys – and my kind of circus.

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